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Document Scanning

  • 21 Jan

  • admin

We can scan and photocopy documents of all kinds, giving you a hardcopy duplicate of the original document or a digital scan of each page that you can print from later or distribute on disk, by email or upload to the cloud – here you can see our faithful shop dog Penny helping to get things set up!

Our document scanning service gives you a high-resolution, crisp and clear scanned image of each page, making sure to capture all of the text and images at the best quality possible.

Plain text documents can be scanned in monochrome to create black and white images – this can give crisp outlines to the characters and is ideal for optical character recognition (OCR) to convert the images into digital text later.

Alternatively, colour document scanning preserves the colours and/or any shades of grey in the original, and can successfully scan pages with coloured backgrounds or printed on coloured paper.

Document Scanning to Print

Document scanning to print gives you a duplicate hardcopy of the original document – basically a direct monochrome or colour photocopy of each side of each page.

It’s the fastest and easiest way to get more print copies of documents, and usually doesn’t need any extra editing or processing, as the photocopier handles both the scanning and the printing in a single process.

We can photocopy almost anything, including for example duplicates of business contracts, accounts, tenancy agreements, title deeds, bank statements and utility bills.

For larger documents, ask about our binding options as we may be able to offer duplex printing (using both sides of the paper) and bind the duplicated pages together in the correct order.

Document Scanning to Disk

Digital document scanning to disk is a way to convert physical printed documents into digital files that can be duplicated, shared, uploaded to the cloud, or just stored in a safe place as a backup.

The process is the same as photocopying – each page is scanned in turn using the appropriate settings for the type of document – but instead of a printed copy, an image of the page is saved to disk.

As a result, you are able to create PDF copies of physical documents, save on storage space and work towards going paperless.

Using OCR and a clear scan of printed text, you can even convert the scanned image into searchable digital text, which can be copied and pasted into Word or Excel, saved as a searchable PDF, or used anywhere else you might need it.