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Greetings Cards

  • 20 Dec

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A selection of our bespoke greetings cards we have printed for local businesses, schools, churches and charity groups, as well as for individuals who want the personal touch.

Personalised Christmas cards are hugely popular – mainly because you can send the same custom Christmas card to everyone on your mailing list – but we can print all kinds of customise greetings cards.

Some examples include:

  • Bespoke promotional birthday cards to send to clients/members.
  • Greetings cards to use as personalised invitation cards e.g. wedding invitation cards.
  • Custom greetings cards that use your child’s art (or a pupil’s art, for school greetings cards).

We’re happy to help if you’re not sure how to prepare your artwork for use in a greetings card design – just ask if you need our suggestions on things like image quality, digital file format etc.

Why choose bespoke greetings cards?

Custom printed greetings cards don’t just say hello to customers, they also double as a business card, and you can include details like your website address in the design so recipients know how to contact you.

They’re a thoughtful gesture that many companies don’t do at all, and by linking that gesture with an event like a birthday, Christmas or other major milestone, you can tap into the positive sentiment instantly.

Original greetings card designs can even earn you some shares on social media, so don’t be afraid to think of something a bit different if you really want to make a splash.

High-quality custom greetings cards

Our bespoke greetings cards for businesses, community groups and individuals are always produced to high standards, and we can work with you to choose suitable card for maximum quality or economical mailing weight.

We can set up digital print runs of various sizes and if you ever need more, it’s easy with digital printing to run off more copies that will look very much like the initial print run.

Alternatively, we also offer offset printing (also known as litho printing) for a classic, luxurious feel on larger print runs and have equipment to overprint cards which many digital-only printing companies do not offer.

To find out more about any of our custom greetings card printing services, call us today or pay a visit to our Didsbury printing shop during opening hours.