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Digital Printing

  • 24 Jan

  • admin

Digital printing takes a digital document – such as a PDF, scanned image, Photoshop file or a desktop publishing design – and digitally prints it on to paper, card or another material.

It’s a direct printing process from screen to page, it’s fast and easy to set up, and the results are vibrant, highly detailed, and reproduce the original image exactly on paper.

This is the method most commonly used for smaller runs of products like business cards, leaflets, and anything where you need a few copies of many different pages, rather than many copies of the same content.

Advantages of Digital Printing

Digital printing offers lots of advantages over traditional ‘printing press’ style printing:

  • Faster and cheaper to set up.
  • Print more copies easily whenever you need to.
  • Low minimum order sizes (as little as a single copy in some cases).
  • Easy to print in black and white or in full colour.
  • High-quality and high-resolution output using commercial digital printing equipment.
  • Ability to vary page content e.g. to personalise letters and leaflets with the recipient’s name.

We’ve been offering digital printing in Didsbury since the days when computers, inkjet and laser printers were all new inventions, and we have the experience to print your digital documents to the highest standards.

Digital Printing vs. Offset Printing

The alternative to digital printing is called offset printing or sometimes litho printing. It’s the process you think of when you imagine a printing press – the design is embossed on a plate which is coated with ink and pressed on to the page to transfer the image.

We also offer offset printing with the expertise required to deliver a very high standard of print, and this can be the best option for very detailed designs, large print runs (e.g. many copies of a book or brochure) or just to get the sense of quality that comes from litho printing with the best inks.

If you’re not sure which method you need – or you already know and just want to place an order – call us today or come down to our Didsbury print shop to tell us what you need.